Using Activities To Make Training Fun

Using activities in class is essential for a successful training. By making your training sessions engaging, informative and fun; this will provide you with proactive trainees and efficient outcome. This one-day workshop will help you identify what kind of humor you can bring to the classroom, and how games can help you engage your participants, to deliver your training in an indulging, interactive way.

How You will Benefit:

  • Understand how training can include the use of humor and games.
  • Explore different types of games.
  • Identify methods to elicit participant buy-in.
  • Understand humor principles in adult learning.
  • Troubleshoot when games go badly.
  • Develop your own games.

What You Will Cover:

  • Adult learning principles.
  • Let’s have some fun!
  • Obtaining buy-in.
  • Choosing the right game.
  • When games go badly.
  • Using humor in training.
  • Wavy lines.
  • Quick and easy games.
  • How to create a game.

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